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Our one-day 3 hour jewelry workshops are a great way to learn or expand on your jewelry making knowledge and techniques, and you will leave with finished jewelry! if you have interest in a class and don't see it listed, please email us and we will happily put something on the schedule for you!Our studio boasts a wide array of equipment and teaching space, and comfortably allows for 6 students to work in a socially distanced space. Additionally, we are proud to announce we have an advanced air purifier, the Airpura P600+ We offer classes on wire wrapping, silver soldering techniques (stacking rings, layering necklaces, stone setting, etc) and are excited to grow and expand our classes offerings as our students gain the skills needed to do learn more advanced work. 

Cost of enrollment includes all materials, tools and instruction. Size is limited per session, and depending on current NYS guidelines, proof of Covid-19 vaccination or negative test within 72 hours may be required. 

  • Hand Fabrication: the art of creating jewelry by manufacturing directly from metal without the use of any wax, molds or casting. We use metal wire and sheet to create our designs.  

    Examples of projects involving hand fabrication are: stacking rings with gemstones,  bangles with gemstones, hoop earrings, gemstone studs and more
  • Beadwork: Learn the ins and outs of making jewelry with beads!

    Examples of projects involving beadwork include, peyote stitch, pearl stringing, how to secure beadwork and add clasps, beaded earrings, and more

  • Soldering: the art of joining together two pieces of metal with a torch 

    Soldering is a very practical jewelry making application, and is applicable in a variety of projects. In hand fabrication, soldering is what is used to join the various components of the metal design together. Proficiency at soldering and torch control are integral to executing jewelry designs effectively. There are many practical applications to soldering and jewelry making. 

  • Stone Setting: How to secure a gemstone in metal

    There are various forms of stone setting, and we can cover the following types of stone setting in the intensive: tube setting, bezel setting, prong setting, flush setting. 
  • Jewelry Design Basics: Learn the basics on how to take raw materials and create a design! We will go over basic techniques and provide guidance for taking the design and turning it into a functional, wearable piece of art. 

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