Heirloom Revamping

breathe new life into your sentimental jewelry 
take it out of the jewelry box and into the world.... 
let us create a bespoke piece that you'll cherish for years to come


We create beautiful, timeless pieces of jewelry with ethically sourced materials. La OM is the nakesake of lead jeweler, and one woman extraordinary Laura Ortiz McCaffrey. Using her formal training as a graduate bench jeweler, and her hands on experience in the jewelry industry working for local jewelers, Laura was able to take her childhood dream of becoming a jeweler and turn it into a reality. La OM is a member of several trade organizations, and an avid supporter of the arts!


Bespoke Jewelry

Whether it's taking a family treasure and turning it into a new statement cocktail piece, or creating a one of a kind engagement ring, you can feel secure knowing Laura herself will be overseeing things every step of the way! 

Responsibly Sourced

Our pursuit of environmental sustainability & socially responsible jewelry shines in our use of ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals. We proudly offer NEO Moissanite™, a true conflict-free and ethical alternative to natural diamonds in today’s market. 

Quality Craftsmanship

 La OM is committed to the highest standards of ethics and artisan craftsmanship. This standard is reflected in our commitment to excellence in our client experience, design and manufacturing processes. We are also proudly members of MJSA, Ethical Metalsmiths & JBT. 

  “La OM is the place to go. The owner Laura is so smart and kind. She truly helps you at every step of the way. She will create your dream ring (or piece), help you on prices, and speak all her jewelry knowledge in a clear understandable way. She made my engagement ring and wedding band, and they came out absolutely perfect. La OM over ANY big brand name shop. She also is super helpful with ethically sourced options!”