heirloom revamping

breathe new life into your sentimental jewelry 
take it out of the jewelry box and into the world.... 
let us create a bespoke piece that you'll cherish for years to come


Nestled in the heart of Glens Falls, NY, La OM Jewelry is a woman-owned fine jewelry boutique specializing in custom designs, curated collections, and an unparalleled client experience through one-on-one consultation. Founded by Laura Ortiz McCaffrey in 2016 and relocating to 21 Cooper Street in 2023, the brand offers full customization for engagement rings, wedding bands, and heirloom redesigns using ethically sourced materials and artisan craftsmanship. Experience Laura's passion for custom jewelry with meaningful pieces that celebrate life's milestones.

Bespoke Jewelry

Responsibly Sourced

Quality Craftsmanship