Heirloom Revamping

Everyone has sentimental jewelry that just sits in the jewelry box... why not let us find a way to showcase it, breath new life into it and take it out of the box and into your wardrobe!

Our heirloom revamping services take your most cherished jewelry pieces... many of which, from first hand experience, I know might not be your style, but you keep because of the memories associated with them. We believe in keeping the good and getting rid of the rest, and so while those heirlooms may not be stylish anymore, we can keep the memories they hold by redesigning them into new, updated, special occasion, or everyday staples! 

One-on-one consultations are available by appointment via zoom, or at our downtown Albany office. To book an appointment, please email us here

Our consultations are a time for us to get to know your personal style and aesthetic. We gather basic information on the jewelry and gemstones you have to revamp. A lot of this is technical specifications, millimeter size, shape, depth. Consultations are always completely complimentary. 

Whether it's creating a cocktail ring from the diamonds in your grandmothers wedding set, or turning an heirloom pendant into everyday  piece of jewelry. There is nothing more exciting than being able to breathe new life into a piece of jewelry that holds a strong emotional and sentimental connection to our clients.