Sizing Guide

While we strongly suggest you visit us at our showroom for a professional ring sizing, there are options to find your perfect ring fit without a trip to our retail location!

Please keep in mind that the wider the ring (or rings), the larger a ring size you will need. For stacks of rings, this means a tighter fit on a finger. If you love a ring that is on the wider side (5mm and up) or are planning to stack your rings, please consider going up about a ½ size for every millimeter past 4mm.
Keep in mind that adding a wedding band to stack next to an engagement ring will increase the width, as well.
If you have questions at any point during this process please feel free to email us here for assistance.
Here are three methods to help you figure out your ring size without leaving the comfort of your own home!
Method One:
Measure a ring that you (or she) already own! This is the best method to find a ring size if you're planning to surprise her. Find a ring that she wears on the finger that you'd like your surprise ring to go on, measure it, and place it back before she notices that it's gone! 
How to Measure:
1. Save the below ring size chart to your computer.
2. Print out the below ring size chart at 25% or set your printer to 'Print As An Entire Image'
3. Place the ring over each circle until the ring lines up with the outside of the circle. Make sure that the outside of circle is touching the inside of the ring and you can see the outline of the circle inside the ring.
4. To double check on the fit, take a pencil to trace the inside of the ring against the selected circle. The two circles would match up!
5. If you measure the internal diameter of the ring (in mm) it should match with the corresponding size in the ring chart.
Method Two:
Measure a ring with a string or a thin strip paper! This can be easily done and can help find an even accurate fit.
How To Measure:
1. Cut a long string or piece of paper that's about 6-inches long.
2. Wrap it snugly around the base of your finger, the tighter the better but make sure to not let the string stretch while you're wrapping it around your finger.
3. Mark the spot where the string or paper meets and measure the distance with a ruler (in mm).
Match your finger measurement (in mm) with the corresponding ring size in the below ring chart.
Method Three:
If you happen to own a sewing measuring tape at home, then this is will get the job done most efficiently and accurately!
How To Measure:
1. Find a flexible, sewing measuring tape with centimeter and/or centimeters on its ruler.
2. Wrap the tape snugly around the base of your finger, not too tight and not too loose. Aim for a snug but comfortable fit. Make sure to not let the measuring tape go and make sure you start from the 0 mark on the tape!
3. Mark with a pencil, or remember the number that meets up with your starting point at 0. Note how many millimeters or centimeters it took to wrap the measure tape around your finger.
Match your finger measurement (in mm) with the corresponding ring size in the ring chart shown in method 2. If your tape is only showing in centimeter, use an online CM to MM converter to figure out your finger size in the closest millimeter.
Tips & Tricks
  • The weather can effect your finger size. During the cold weather your fingers can shrink up to half a size, while when it's too hot your fingers expands more. Make sure to measure your fingers are at room temperature to get a more accurate reading.
  • There typically is a difference in size of fingers between dominant hands and non dominant hands, of up to a half size
  • Avoid measuring your fingers after you had some salty snacks and a couple of glasses of wine because alcohol and salt can make your fingers swell!
  • If you're between sizes, we recommend ordering up. It's always easier to size a ring smaller, than larger.
Need More Sizing Help?
This guide is for a reference only. When in doubt, our concierge team is here to help you find the perfect fit. La OM is not responsible if you order the wrong size. Please reach out to us here if you're still unsure.
Our stylists can further assist you in finding your right size, recommend styling tips, and any other questions you may have.